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Email us today to discuss what you are wanting to accomplish on the internet, what your business does, and determine the specific requirements of your web site. 

Based on our understanding of your requirements, we will determine the number of pages, number of graphics, animations, level of interactivity, etc.  Then we prepare a written price proposal so that you know what the site will cost in advance.  For your   benefit, we do NOT bill by the hour for the web site design, but instead on a flat costs, which enables us to offer you a firm price at the onset.

If you accept the proposal, and you do not have a domain name (, then you will need to purchase the domain name you have in mind as fast as possible!  We will register the domain name for you for 2 years and point it to our servers all for only $100.00!  If the domain name you select is taken, we will search the internet for similar names for you that are not taken at NO charge! 

It is no longer necessary to sell the concept of the Internet, it is here to stay and growing rapidly. Having your own web site is now as essential to a professional image as your letterhead.  Having a website is increasing your business profile at less expense compared to traditional print and advertising campaigns.

The most important aspect of your web site will be its content and quality which will have a huge impact on how visitors perceive your company, and ultimately, whether they do business with you.

So, now that your business has a website, where's all the web traffic? We encourage you to put your website on EVERYTHING your business puts out, including brochures, business cards, any advertising, invoices, etc. This is a great way to promote your site.

Search Engines are a very popular way your potential clients may search for your services or products on the internet. Our services includes keyword optimization and search engine submission.  We will submit your site to search engines,  please note that submission does not guarantee a specific ranking.

At each significant stage of the design of your site, we will contact you for your opinion before moving on to the next stage, ensuring your satisfaction with the site along its progress and will not start to add content until the design has been approved.

We can also update and maintain your site on a regular basis if requested. The price is negotiable, depending on your requirements.

Website re-design is the most cost effective way to revamp your website without starting from scratch. Your re-designed website must capture the visitor's attention, have new information, and engage the visitor, or as quickly as they came to your website they will be off to your competitors.

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